WaterCote - Polyurethane 10L

WaterCote - Polyurethane 10L

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WaterCote is a high solids Polyurethane Resin, with high viscosity that dries with a clear  gloss finish.

This product has been designed for various creative applications such as sealing timber substrates, wall art coating, furniture coating and tumbler coating. It is also ideal as an outdoor coating due to its non yellowing UV Stability. WaterCote is a Food-Safe coating, and suitable for the use on cheeseboards and coasters.

WaterCote can be applied by pouring or by brush, and is self levelling.
Re-coating is suitable at the 4 hour mark, depending on ambient temperature.
Can be handled after 10 days, allow 30 days for full cure.

Very Low VOC, Low Odour & Cleans up with water
Coating cures hard, and is hard wearing.
Single Part Resin

Water Based Pigments suitable for the use with this product.
- Acrylic Inks, Mica, Glitters, Powder Pigments


Proudly Made in Australia

Safety Data Sheet

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