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    3 products
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    Resin Candy Inks 

    The purpose of this product is to tint epoxy resin and give your masterpieces the ultimate depth. Candy Inks offer a stunning array of vibrant colours, such as Orange, Lemon Yellow, Ocean Blue, Red Earth, Candy Red, Black, Sunglow Yellow, Red Oxide, Emerald Green and Navy Blue. Perfect for multiple-layered artwork! These inks are produced with the best quality materials and deliver unbeatable intensity – you need just a few drops to create an intense hue. This remarkable product has been carefully crafted to elevate your resin art creations to new heights, infusing them with an unrivalled depth that will leave admirers in awe. Crafted using superior products, these highly concentrated candy inks are a game-changer for artists seeking to imbue their epoxy resin masterpieces with vibrant hues and multi-layered effects. To mix acrylic ink in epoxy resin is easy - simply add some drops and stir to the desired colour. It's better to start off small; it's impossible to take out what you’ve already added. Experiment with different ratios until you get your desired look. Our customers have created superb pieces using Candy Inks - each outstanding in its own way - and always enchanting all who admire them.

    No matter if you're an experienced artist or a passionate beginner venturing into the world of epoxy resin, our acrylic ink for resin collection offers endless possibilities and unparalleled vibrancy . Experiment with our eye-catching range of shades to create the perfect piece that reflects your style and vision - Candy Ink, bringing out the best in your resin creations. Let your artistic vision come alive as you explore the mesmerising effects of acrylic inks in resin – discover the magic that lies within Just Resin's innovative range today!