JR Rewards Loyalty Program

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Are you JR Obsessed?
Sign up to our JR Rewards Program today and start earning.

  • It's easy to sign up and free! 
  • $1 Spent = 1 Point Earnt
  • Minimum points to start redeeming vouchers begins at 250
  • Redeemable Vouchers range from $10 to $350
  • Earn points for Celebrating your Birthday
  • Earn points for following us on FB & Insta


Terms & Conditions

  • To earn points you must be logged in to your account
  • Points cannot be earnt on shipping costs
  • Rewards cannot be used to pay for shipping costs
  • JR Rewards cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Wholesale / Stockist accounts cannot be used in conjunction with JR Rewards
  • Rewards cannot be used to purchase JR Gift Cards
  • Rewards issued expire in 12months
  • Points cannot be transferred 
  • The JR Rewards Program was activated on the 28th of July, once signed up, all points begin to accumulate on orders after this date

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