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    30ml Metallic Ink - Individual
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    30ml Metallic Ink - Set of 9

    Metallic Acrylic Ink Set

    Introducing Just Resin's range of metallic acrylic inks for resin - the perfect companion for artists seeking to add a touch of brilliance to their epoxy creations. 

    With their innovative formulation, these metallic inks have been specifically crafted to tint epoxy resin and provide artists with a dazzling and sparkling metallic finish. This Just Resin premium Ink range boasts an exceptional quality pigment that ensures excellent lightfastness, meaning your artwork will retain its vibrancy over time without fading or dulling.

    Our acrylic ink metallic set offers a captivating array of colours, meticulously crafted to infuse your resin projects with an enchanting sparkle and mesmerising metallic finish. These metallic inks effortlessly blend into epoxy resin, allowing artists to achieve seamless and captivating results. This set includes nine mesmerising colours: Silver, Gold (both dark and true variations), Bronze (true variation), Copper (true variation), Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each colour offers its own unique brilliance and brings an added level of depth to any resin masterpiece.

    If you're looking to embellish jewellery pieces, create stunning resin artwork, or add depth to decorative objects, our metallic Inks are specifically designed to tint epoxy resin and effortlessly transform ordinary surfaces into extraordinary masterpieces. With their rich pigmentation and lustrous sheen, these remarkable inks allow you to unleash your creativity like never before. These water-based inks offer ease of use and versatility for artists of all levels. Let each brushstroke dance with a radiant glow as the metallic ink seamlessly blends into the resin medium, resulting in an ethereal visual feast that captivates all who behold it. Embrace the endless possibilities offered by our range of metallic inks for resin and elevate your artistic endeavours beyond imagination!