Silicone Mats

4 products

    4 products
    Resin Non-Stick Work Mat - Small 30x30cm
    Resin Non-Stick Work Mat - Medium 50x50cm
    Resin Non-Stick Work Mat - Large 60x100cm
    Resin Non-Stick Work Mat - Xtra Large 100x100cm

    Silicone Mats For Epoxy Resin Art

    The silicone art mat range is a game changer for those who work with epoxy resin. A must have for any resin artists is a resin silicone mat. Not only does a silicon mat protect your work surface from spills and accidents. But they also make cleaning up a breeze. At Just Resin, we offer high-quality silicone art mat range. Unlike low-quality art mats. Our silicone mat won't stick to resin. Ensuring that your art working space is always in perfect condition. And with a variety of sizes available. You can find the perfect fit for any resin project you're working on. Cleaning our silicone art mat is easy too. Peel off any cured resin or use soap and water or baby wipes for coloured residue. Plus, since our silicone art mat collection is reusable. You'll never have to worry about constantly buying replacement mats again. With our reliable silicone mats at hand. Keeping your work area clean has never been easier.

    Buy A Resin Silicone Mat

    If you're looking for the perfect work mat for epoxy resin. Look no further than a durable resin silicone mat from Just Resin. This resin art mat has a non-stick surface. Designed to withstand even the stickiest of resin drips. Allowing you to peel away any cured resin without damaging your workspace. It's important to note that while this mat is resilient. It's also susceptible to damage from sharp objects. So be sure to avoid cutting or scraping its surface. To extend the life of your resin silicone mat for epoxy resin. Consider applying a quick spray of mould release before use. With this simple step. You'll be able to enjoy seamless and worry-free resin art projects for years to come. Shop our range of silicone pads and mats online today.

    Our Silicone Art Mat Makes Cleaning Resin A Breeze

    If you're a resin artist, then you know the woes of cleaning up after a project. The sticky residue left behind after pouring into your silicone mould. Can be frustrating to remove. And often requires harsh chemicals. That are unfriendly to both yourself and the environment. Luckily, with the silicone art mat range on hand. This task becomes an absolute breeze. Its non-stick surface. Keeps resin from sticking to the mat. Allowing for easy removal without any damage or mess. What's more, it is heat resistant. Meaning you can use your heat gun without worrying about melting your artwork. Or damaging its delicate surface. And thanks to its non-slip texture. This silicone art mat. Ensures that whatever art piece you're working on. Stays in place throughout all stages of crafting. No matter if it's small jewellery pieces or larger sculptures! This versatile silicone work mat. Will prove itself time and again as one of your most trusted crafting accessories. Provided proper care and storage is used. Making every new creation a joy instead of a chore.