Fluorescent Pigment Pastes

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    7 products
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    Fluorescent Epoxy Pigment Collection

    At Just Resin, we are proud to offer Australian made fluorescent resin pigment pastes that truly stand out from the rest. Our high-quality fluorescent pigments are carefully crafted from finely ground powders to provide a highly concentrated colour that only requires a small amount for maximum effect. We understand that consistency is key when it comes to creating beautiful resin art pieces, which is why each of our uniform 50ml volumes of pigment paste maintains the same level of density across all colours.

    Our fluorescent epoxy pigment pastes are specifically designed for use with our jr's epoxy resin systems and boast excellent colour-fastness and unique effects not found in other resins on the market.

    Using our fluorescent pigment suppliers has never been easier; simply allow the paste to settle prior to opening, stir before use, and incorporate up to 10% per ratio until you achieve your desired opacity. But what sets us apart from other suppliers?

    Each of our pastes contains automotive-grade pigments that possess superior UV properties and stay true over time - ensuring your artwork lasts for years without fading or losing its vibrancy!

    With Just Resin's range of vibrant base pigments blending well with other jr pigments, you can unleash your creativity by creating custom neon colours sure to make any art piece pop!

    Epoxy Art Pops With Neon Resin Pigment

    Neon resin pigment is a popular choice for artists and crafters due to its vibrant, eye-catching colours and versatility in various mediums. This type of pigment is made from fluorescent dyes that are encapsulated in resin, creating a glowing effect when exposed to light.

    The intense brightness of neon colours adds an element of fun and excitement to any project, making it perfect for creating bold statement pieces or adding pops of colour to more subtle creations.

    One of the unique properties of neon resin pigments is their ability to be mixed with other colours without losing their bright hue. This makes them great for mixing custom shades or creating gradient effects on your artwork.

    They can be used in a variety of techniques such as pouring, painting, or even embedding into jewellery pieces. Their strong tinting strength also means that a little goes a long way, making them cost-effective and ideal for artists who want high impact results without breaking the bank.

    Moreover, the durability and UV resistance of neon resin pigments make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are commonly used in resin art projects such as coasters, trays, and keychains that will not fade or lose their vibrancy over time when exposed to sunlight.

    What is a fluorescent colour?

    A fluorescent colour is a vibrant and extremely bright hue that appears to emit its own light. It is created using special pigments that have the ability to absorb and reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are invisible to the human eye, and then convert them into visible light. This results in a highly saturated colour that appears almost neon-like in appearance.

    Fluorescent colours are commonly used in various industries such as fashion, advertising, art, and safety equipment due to their eye-catching nature.

    They can also be found naturally in some animals like birds, insects, and marine life as part of their defence mechanism or for attracting mates. Overall, fluorescent colours add a unique pop of boldness and intensity wherever they are used.

    Fluorescent pigment powders vs pastes

    Fluorescent pigment powders and pastes are both popular choices for creating vibrant, neon colours in various applications such as art, cosmetics, and textile printing. However, there are some key differences between these two forms of fluorescent pigments.

    One major difference is their composition - powder pigments are finely ground particles that can be easily dispersed into a medium, while paste pigments consist of the same particles suspended in a binder or carrier liquid.

    Due to their smaller particle size, fluorescent powder pigments tend to have a stronger glow under UV light compared to paste pigments. However, paste pigments may appear brighter in regular lighting conditions due to the binder or carrier liquid reflecting light.

    Overall, both fluorescent pigment powders and pastes offer unique benefits depending on the intended use and personal preference. It ultimately comes down to experimentation and finding what works best for each individual.