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    14 products
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    Resin Starter Kit For Art

    A resin starter kit is a great way to start using resin in art. Resin art is a beautiful and unique way to create art. Resin starter kits offer everything you need to get started. If you're a beginner, you can get a beginners resin kit, or you can become an expert and get quality resin kits. These resin making kits include all the necessary supplies. Including a range of resin kitsresin moulds, and resin pigment colours, so you can create stunning pieces of art with ease. One of the main benefits of using a resin starter kit. Is that it takes away the guesswork and hassle of gathering all the necessary materials individually. Each resin art kit comes with detailed instructions to guide you through the process. Not only is the resin art starter kit convenient and beginner friendly. But it also offers the best quality materials that will ensure your finished pieces look professional and long lasting. Artists can rely on us to provide top notch products. Plus, our variety of pigment colours allows you to experiment and unleash your creativity in each piece. With a range of resin starter kits Australia, at affordable prices. There's no better way to start your journey into the world of resin art than with one of our resin art kit for beginners.

    Shop Our Brilliant Resin Art Starter Kit Range

    For you to make the most of your resin art, the resin art kits include detailed instructions and tips. Kits come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your project needs. Everybody can enjoy the resin art process with our resin starter kits. Starting a new craft can be overwhelming. That is why we have carefully curated these resin art kits to provide you with everything you need in one convenient package. Materials used are of the highest quality. Ensuring that your finished art will not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

    • Our ultimate resin art starter kit is ideal for all in one resin art starter kit for resin wall art or ocean art. No matter what level of artist you are, this kit contains everything you need to create beautiful resin pieces. Adding vibrant pigments to the glossy clear resin makes your creations come alive. You can explore various colour combinations and techniques with confidence. Anyone can become skilled at resin pouring by following our detailed instructions. If you want to create wall art for your home or give custom coasters as gifts. This starter kit has all the necessary materials and tools.
    • For something a little smaller consider the classic resin art starter. Wanting to experiment with resin art on a smaller scale, this kit is perfect. It includes all the essential materials, such as resin, pigments, and mixing tools, to get you started. You'll be amazed at how easily you can transform ordinary materials into one of a kind masterpieces with just a little bit of resin.
    • First time caster will want to get the resin casting starter kit, including a choice between a fast or slow resin casting kit. Small jewellery pieces, key chains, and other trinkets can be made with the resin casting kit. Featuring UV resistant resin ensures your creations will stay vibrant and durable over time. Featuring easy to follow instructions and tips from experts, it's the perfect kit for beginners. 
    • Using the resin trinket tray starter kits is the easiest way to create a beautiful resin trinket dish. Clear glossy resin and variety of pigments are included in this starter kit allowing for endless creative possibilities. Tools and materials provided make it easy to achieve professional looking results every time. You can also customise your creations by adding glitter, dried flowers, or other embellishments for a unique touch. Not only is this kit perfect for creating wall art or coasters, but it's also great for making personalised trinket trays.
    • Those keen to create custom resin jewellery can get our polymer clay and doming starter kit. Includes sculpey premo clay and accessories. Adding a unique touch to your wardrobe or making personalized gifts is easy with this resin art kit. Using the polymer clay and doming supplies included in this kit, you can create stunning resin jewellery pieces. Sculpey premo clay can be moulded and shaped into intricate shapes, and doming resin gives them a durable glossy finish. New to working with polymer clay or an experienced artist. Create eye catching accessories with this resin art kit.
    • Environmentally friendly artists will love our eco casting resin kit, ideal for casting and silicone mould projects. To make your resin art journey easier, our resin pouring kit also includes a variety of tools. From mixing cups and sticks to gloves and protective coverings, we have thought of everything so you can focus on creating. Eco casting resin is non-toxic and VOC-free, making it safe for both you and the environment. To enhance your artwork, this kit includes a variety of pigments. Take advantage of our reusable silicone moulds and keep the creativity flowing.

    Looking to create jewellery pieces, sculptures, wall art or paintings. Resin starter kits have everything you need to start creating beautiful works of resin art right away. 

    What Resin Is Used In Our Epoxy Resin Starter Kit?

    Just Resin epoxy resin starter kit contains quality resin craft kits that are specially formulated for a variety of art and craft projects. Resin used in these resin art starter kit is a two part resin system. Consisting of a clear resin and hardener, which when mixed together creates a strong and durable bond. Resin like this one are commonly used in crafting resin due to their versatility and ability to produce stunning glossy finishes.

    Resin casting kits for beginners include casting resins, from our ArtCast resin pour and ARC eco casting resin kits. Getting started in resin art is easy with our epoxy resin starter kit. It includes all the materials and tools you'll need. The epoxy resin starter kit also includes our premium coating resin art kits Diamondcote and OceanCote ideal ocean resin kit. The Epoxy resin used in our kits are also UV resistant. Ensuring that your artwork will not yellow or fade over time. Clear resin kit used in our starter kit has a low viscosity, making it easy to mix and work with. This allows for smooth pours and minimal air bubbles in your finished piece. Specifically formulated to have a longer working time, the kit's hardener allows you to create without feeling rushed. Epoxy resin starter kits are ideal for a variety of projects, including jewellery making, coasters, and canvas art. Possibilities are endless with this versatile medium. And with the inclusion of our premium coating resins Diamondcote and OceanCote, you can even create stunning ocean inspired pieces. Our eco casting resin is opaque white to off white and features a semi gloss or gloss finish. Can be tinted with our range of resin colours to create beautiful coloured finishes.

    Just starting out or looking to expand your resin crafting skills. Resin starter kit packs are perfect for all levels of expertise.

    Make Your Own DIY Resin Kit

    A resin art starter kit is great if you are completing small projects or are unsure about how much resin supplies you will need. Using our resin calculator, you can determine how much resin you need to build your own DIY resin kit. Besides providing all the resin art supplies you will need. To answer your questions and concerns, we have a dedicated customer service team. We understand how important it is for beginners to have access to quality resin art starter kit options. And experts alike have access to quality resin craft kits and resin DIY kits with reliable support. Get ready to explore your creativity today with one of our comprehensive yet affordable resin craft kits. Get creative with a resin art kit from Just Resin and start making beautiful resin art today.

    The Best Resin Art Starter Kit for Adults

    There are many essential tools included in our resin art kits for adults. Including clear epoxy resin, colourful pigments, glitter, moulds, and more. These kits are designed to provide a hassle free experience for artists of all levels. They also come with detailed instructions to help you through the process step by step. One of the best things about these resin art kits is that they are designed for adults. While there are many brilliant resin starter kit options on the market geared towards children. Just Resin offers resin art kits specifically designed for adults who wish to explore their creativity. For adult artists, our resin art kits offer more advanced techniques and designs that can be challenging and rewarding. Resin art allows you to create unique pieces that cannot be replicated. From creating mesmerising ocean art scenes to abstract patterns or even incorporating real objects like flowers or leaves into your artwork. Having our resin art kit handy will allow you to take advantage of inspiration whenever it strikes. Investing in an adult resin art kit is not only a great way to save money. It also allows you to try out this exciting medium without committing to purchasing larger quantities upfront.

    What Will You Find In A Resin Art Kit?

    All the necessary tools and accessories for creating your first resin piece can be found here. Including mixing containers, stirrers, gloves, safety wear, and other accessories that are essential for your success. In order to create something that lasts a lifetime, you should choose high quality resin art kit supplies. A resin art kit provides all the necessary tools in one convenient package. Having everything at hand to create stunning artwork that will last a lifetime takes away the guesswork of what supplies you need. Grab a resin art kit today and unleash your creativity.

    Easy Resin Art Kit Instructions

    Easy resin art kit instructions come with every beginners resin kit. These step by step instructions will assist you through the entire process. From preparing your workspace to pouring and curing your resin. It's important to follow these instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results with your resin art. You can customise these resin art kits according to your preferences by choosing colours. Overall the process makes it incredibly easy for anyone, regardless of skill level, to start creating stunning resin art pieces.

    Savings On Resin Craft Kits 

    Since we want you to only have the best when it comes to starting out. Resin craft kit packs are also great value and offer a saving over buying the stocks separately. Each beginner resin craft kits have items unique to the packs. But generally, all include a resin kit, mixing sticks and some type of resin colour. When it comes to resin crafting. Kits provide a convenient and cost effective way to get started or expand your skills. Not only do our resin craft kits save you money, but they also save you time. Instead of having to search for individual items and make sure they are compatible with each other. Each pack has been carefully curated to work seamlessly together. With less hassle, you can spend more time creating.

    Resin Art Kit Colour Addons

    As a community of creatives, we like providing our customers with resin art supplies that inspire their unique ideas and creations. Apart from our essential items to produce some pouring art, jewellery, ornaments and other creative pursuits. We ensure that they also have ink, pigment paste or powder pigments for resin to add the beauty of colour to your design pieces.

    There are a variety of shades available before checking out, including:

    Atlantis Luster

    Bronze Metallic

    Lemon Yellow Pigment Powder

    Rose Gold Pigment Powder

    As you contemplate your first piece, you will find that there are a wide variety of colours to choose from.

    One of the best things about our colour products is that you only need to use a little at a time. Means they will last for some time. Allowing you to experiment with how much you need to get the desired effect that you want. 

    Expand On Your Resin Kit For Beginners

    Alongside our convenient resin art kit for beginners online. Various individual resin kit accessories are available that can elevate your art as you gain more experience. For example, our UV resin is excellent for the small details because it dries hard and quickly. Crystal chips add texture and look fantastic for geode inspired creations. Our resin art supplies inspire creativity. Is an opportunity to learn something new or play around with materials you haven't had the chance to discover before. While you may prefer our resin making kit for convenience. As you gain confidence and have everything you need, you have the opportunity to learn how to incorporate other mediums into your work. No matter if you are looking for a new hobby or have always been someone who has worked with their hands. Our online resin store is available 24 hours a day, so you can shop at a time that works for you. When you find what you need. Click on a button and your desired items will be on their way directly to you. With our flexible payment options, including Afterpay, you can get what you need when you need it and start enjoying your craft right away.