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    7 products
    Krylon Leafing Pen - 18kt Gold
    Krylon Leafing Pen - Silver
    Posca 3M Fine Bullet Tip - 1.3mm
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    Posca 5M Medium Bullet Tip - 2.5mm
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    Posca 7M Bold Bullet Tip - 4.5mm
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    Posca 8K Bold Chisel Tip - 8mm
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    Uni Paint Marker Medium Bullet Tip - 2.8mm

    POSCA Markers & Paint Pens for Resin

    Pop more colour and creativity into your resin artworks with POSCA paint markers and pens. These resin markers allow you to paint Geode lines in between pours, add extra accents on free-form Geode pieces, or even offer some helpful camouflage around happy accidents!

    This essential tool features quick-drying, non-toxic, water-based pigment ink that is permanent on porous surfaces. It doesnโ€™t bleed through paper and is removable from glass. POSCA paint pens are durable for indoor and outdoor use with strong UV resistance.

    At Just Resin, our collection is complete with various kinds and sizes of tips available, including:

    We also have the Uni Paint Marker with an opaque glossy finish. With its waterproof, oil-based, and fade-resistant ink, the marker is ideal for heavy-duty or industrial use. If you are still getting started, paint pens for resin are great additions to your wider resin art starter kit.

    Choose From Our Extensive Selection of Paint Pens for Resin

    With your POSCA paint pens, you can do almost anything. These resin markers are water-soluble, allowing dilution to create a gradient effect among the stains. You can mix different colours on the work surface as long as the paint is wet. Just blur the elements with the tip or a clean brush to produce your desired colour gradations.

    Another way to do it is by blowing to achieve the gradient effect, as often seen in street art. This blowing technique has a similar impact as spray paints. Do this by blowing vigorously on the tip of the POSCA when itโ€™s paint-filled. It works best with broad tips like PC-5M, PC-7M, and PC-8K, all of which are available from our wider collection of resin art supplies.

    Equipped with this quality, you can manipulate various tints into unique colours, further enhancing each of your creations. POSCA pens have washable tips that you can clean with water when stained. After cleaning, restore its initial colour by re-priming the marker.

    The dense and opaque colour of POSCA markers makes them ideal for layering. You can apply light colours over dark hues and vice versa. Thanks to the quick drying time of these resin markers, you can layer colours without smudges.

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