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    BaseCote Primer - 250ml
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    Base Coat Primer for Coating

    When it comes to making tumblers or coating furniture like wood river tables, using a base primer is crucial in order to promote adhesion between the substrate and the top coat. Base Coat primer is specifically designed for this purpose and is therefore an essential item in any resin artist's toolkit. By using a base primer, you can ensure that your artwork will have a strong foundation on which to build, resulting in a professional and long-lasting finish. High solids Polyurethane resin is one of the best top coating water-based products on the market, for its excellent UV and weathering properties that will remain clear for many years which no artistry epoxy resin can compete with. When you need this type of protection for your project there are some things that need to be considered.

    When To Use Base Coat Primer

    Where this product really excels is when substrate of acrylic, epoxy resin, paints and other water-based and solvent based products that need to be sealed for a Polyurethane resin top coat to be applied. BaseCoat Primer will maximize the adhesion and will stop delamination, cracking, bleeding and other known issues that can occur when applying different coating mediums. As our Water-Based WaterCote is high solids Polyurethane Resin this can sometimes have problems adhering to acrylic and other substrates. 

    Here are some great examples you may find when you need a BaseCoat Primer.

    • When applying tattoo’s to tumblers or any surface
    • When applying vinyl or decals to a any surface
    • Acrylic and other mixed media pours
    • Glitters or Glitter Glass

    What Is The Best Primer To Use Before Applying a Top Coat?

    If you're looking for the best base coat for your project, look no further than Clear, white or black BaseCote Primer. This is the best primer for any project and is specifically designed to work with water-based Polyurethane, Acrylic and epoxy resins, and it's ideal for sealing mixed media artwork, such as acrylic pours, glitters, and fabrics. Once applied, the base coat primer will create a smooth surface with excellent adhesion that's ready for top coat application. Plus, the clear formula won't alter the appearance of your artwork.