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    3 products
    50ml Basic Ink - Individual
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    Basic Acrylic Ink Colours

    Acrylic Inks created with utmost care and precision. These simple yet essential inks provide artists with a safe and non toxic option. The use of acrylic ink in resin has gained immense popularity with resin artists. Due to its ability to enhance the transparency and glossiness of artwork when cured. Designed for use with both resin and acrylic pouring medium. Have great UV stabilising properties. This product has is an opaque ink - although by using less ink, you can achieve a more transparent appearance. Transparency is key when choosing inks for resin projects. Providing an amazing glossy finish when cured. Our transparent colour range as part of its basic ink collection. Allows light to pass through and provides a stunning glossy finish. This remarkable feature makes our basic inks perfect for any kind of epoxy resin artwork.

    High Quality Acrylic Inks

    We take pride in an extensive selection of high-quality acrylic inks. Suitable for both resin and acrylic pouring mediums. Our non-toxic resin ink has been crafted keeping your artistic aspirations in mind. With exceptional transparency and excellent coverage capabilities. This ink allows you to unleash your creativity without limitations or compromise. If you're creating exquisite jewellery pieces or designing intricate candle holders or ornaments. Our versatile basic resin ink set will cater to all your artistic needs. Available in a wide array of vibrant colours within our stocked range. There's no limit to what you can achieve with this remarkable product. Rest assured that the colour integrity won't fade over time. Preserving the beauty of your artwork. Inks from Just Resin are designed to be mixed and matched for unique designs. We have a great selection of resin art supplies available online. Including resin colours, glitter, metallic and special effect pigments. You can create beautiful pieces with an array of effects combining resin inks. Just Resin inks are durable once cured. Making them ideal for casting resin products that need withstand everyday use. When used correct they should produce excellent results every time!

    Can You Mix Acrylic Ink With Resin

    Yes, you can mix acrylic ink with resin. Acrylic ink is a highly pigmented and fluid medium that is often used in painting and other artistic applications. Resin, on the other hand, is a clear liquid plastic that hardens when mixed with a catalyst. When combined, these two materials acrylic ink and resin. Create an interesting and versatile medium for creating unique artworks. Mixing acrylic ink with resin allows artists to add vibrant colours and effects to their resin pieces. The ink can be added directly into the resin mixture or applied on top of cured resin layers for a layered effect. This technique gives artists more control over the colour intensity and depth in their artwork.