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    Art Spectrum Yupo Paper

    Just Resin offers the highest quality Yupo paper and Yupo paper pads, specifically designed for artists seeking a versatile and innovative surface to bring their creative visions to life. What sets Yupo paper apart from traditional options is its unique composition. Made from petroleum-derived polypropylene resin and inorganic filler such as calcium carbonate, this synthetic substrate boasts an acid-free, ultra-smooth bright white surface that opens up endless possibilities for experimentation. Whether you prefer working with alcohol/spirit-based inks, watercolours, or acrylics, Yupo paper will provide a remarkable foundation for your artistic endeavours. The magic of Yupo lies in its non-porous nature - it repels water like no other. This means that as you paint or draw on this sleek surface, the colours won't be absorbed but instead remain vibrant and vividly expressive. 

    The result? 

    A visually striking piece that captures light beautifully due to the absence of any interference caused by absorption.Not only does Yupo offer unparalleled visual effects, but it also possesses superior strength. Despite being incredibly thin and lightweight, this synthetic wonder can withstand even the most vigorous artistic techniques without tearing or buckling under pressure. What makes using Yupo even more satisfying is knowing that it's 100% tree-free! By utilising petroleum-derived materials rather than wood pulp fibres commonly found in traditional papers, Just Resin ensures a sustainable product fit for environmentally-conscious artists. But sustainability doesn't stop at being tree-free - every sheet of Yupo paper produced is fully  recyclable. The oil-based polypropylene material can be melted down and reused in other products, creating an infinitely sustainable cycle. All of this makes Just Resin Yupo Paper the perfect choice for any artist who values environmental efficiency as much as they do artistic expression.

    What’s Yupo Paper?

    Yupo paper is a non-absorbent, synthetic paper made from polypropylene. It has unique characteristics that make it ideal for use in art projects and other creative applications. Its waterproof nature allows for various techniques to be used on its surface, such as watercolour painting and airbrushing. The texture of the paper can also be manipulated with the use of alcohol-based markers or pens, allowing for more precise control over artwork than traditional papers allow. Yupo also provides artists with vibrant colour options when creating digital prints as well as enabling an even depth throughout the entire image file upon printing—making them perfect for high quality reproductions every time. Yupo paper is also incredibly durable, as it is resistant to tearing and wrinkling. This makes it great for outdoor art projects or for artwork that needs to be displayed in locations with higher levels of humidity. Furthermore, this unique synthetic paper can easily be wiped clean if needed without affecting the colour or image quality of your work—giving you an ideal surface that will last for years to come.