Acrylic Inks

11 products

    11 products
    50ml Basic Ink - Individual
    Basic Ink 50ml - Full Set of 13
    30ml Candy Ink - Individual
    Candy Ink 30ml - Full Set of 11
    30ml Fluorescent Ink - Individual
    Fluorescent Ink 30ml - Full Set of 8
    30ml Metallic Ink - Individual
    Metallic Ink 30ml - Full Set of 9
    Fluorescent Ink Selection of 3
    Candy Ink Selection of 3
    120ml Basic Ink - Individual

    Acrylic Ink For Resin

    Just Resin's range of acrylic ink for resin. Offers artists an exceptional selection to enhance your artistic endeavours. This resin ink selection is a true game-changer. Crafted to infuse in epoxy resin with a mesmerising depth. That will elevate your masterpieces to new heights. 

    Just Resin offers a diverse collection of acrylic inks. Perfect for any resin art project. These versatile inks can be utilised for various projects. Including resin jewellery and resin wall art. providing an array of vibrant colours that enhance the beauty of your artwork. Not only do these inks dry quickly. Allowing for effortless creation. But they also add depth and intricate details to your resin piece. With Just Resin's range of acrylic inks. You can achieve stunning and unique results with minimal effort.

    Perfect for creating multi-layered artworks. We have designed a Candy Ink Range. These Candy Inks are meticulously formulated using superior ingredients. Boasting a remarkable concentration level. A little goes a long way. Allowing you to explore boundless creativity without worrying about running out too soon.

    For those seeking an elegant metallic touch. Just Resin presents a Metallic Acrylic Ink Range. These exquisite inks have been ingeniously designed to tint epoxy resin. With a dazzling metallic finish that will leave viewers spellbound. Each stroke brings forth the shimmering allure of precious metals. Transforming any piece into a captivating work of art.

    If vibrant and eye-catching colours are what you desire. Look no further than Just Resin's Fluorescent Acrylic Ink collection. This extraordinary ink tints epoxy resin with an electrifying burst of vivid hues. With each application. More of your artwork comes alive. Featuring an intensity that demands attention and admiration.

    Finally the Basic Acrylic Inks. Safe and non-toxic options perfect for use with both resin and acrylic pouring medium. These versatile inks provide artists with reliable colour pallette. To effortlessly introduce colour into their resin creations.

    With the colour range encompassing everything from. Enchanting depths provided by the candy resin. The flicker of metallic and strong basic acrylic ink ranges. To the shimmer and sparkle effects of the glitz inks. Just Resin provides artists with a wealth of choice when it comes resin colours. Plus, all options are non-toxic and safe for use with resin. So you can rest assured that your creations will be as beautiful as they are safe.

    How Do Inks Differ From Pigments?

    Inks disperse in resin polymers on a molecular level (similar to sugar in hot water). Whereas the pigments are solids that must dissolve in the resin polymer by mixing.

    It is easier to achieve bright, clear, transparent colours using inks. Pigments, on the other hand, provide deep, saturated, opaque colours. The other important difference is in the physical properties of each. Inks are thinner than pigments. Better for spraying or painting applications because they spread more evenly over a surface without pooling in one area. Pigment have a thicker consistency. Which makes it ideal for pastes that can be applied with a brush or spatula to create textures. Both have their pros and cons. Understanding the differences between them can make it easier to decide. Which resin colour option is best for your resin project.

    How Does Alcohol Ink Differ From Acrylic Ink?

    Alcohol ink and acrylic ink are two popular mediums used for painting and crafting. While both inks have similar properties. They also have distinct differences that set them apart. One major difference between alcohol ink and acrylic ink is the base ingredient used to create each type of ink. As the name suggests. Alcohol ink is made primarily with an alcohol base. While acrylic ink is made with a water-based polymer emulsion. This variation in base ingredients. Results in different characteristics and techniques when using each type of ink. Another notable difference between these two types of inks is their drying time. Alcohol inks typically dry much faster than acrylics. Due to the evaporation process caused by its high alcohol content. On the other hand, acrylics need more time to dry as they rely on water evaporation. In terms of opacity. Acrylics tend to be more opaque. Compared to alcohol inks which are transparent or semi-transparent at best. This makes it easier to layer colours when working with acrylics. As one colour can easily cover another without hindering visibility. The permanence or longevity of the artwork created with these two types of inks also differs. Acrylic inks are known for their excellent lightfastness and durability over time. Alcohol inks are great for creating layers and achieving a stained glass effect. While acrylics are better suited for providing solid coverage and blending colours. While both inks can be used on various surfaces. Such as yupo paper, canvas, or even ceramics. The different properties of each ink make them more suitable for certain projects over others. Both alcohol ink and acrylic ink can be used for resin art. There are some key differences to consider when choosing which one to use. Alcohol inks tend to create more vibrant and translucent colours. Making them a popular choice for creating abstract designs with resin. Acrylic inks have a thicker consistency. This provides more control over the paint application. This makes them better suited for detailed paintings of landscapes within resin pieces. Ultimately, the type of ink you choose will depend on your personal preference and the desired effect you want to achieve in your artwork.

    Can You Use Acrylic Inks With Resin?

    Yes, it is possible to use acrylic inks with resin. In fact, many artists and crafters use this combination. To create beautiful and unique pieces of art. Acrylic ink is a water-based medium. That contains pigment particles suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion. This makes it perfect for mixing with resin. Which also has a liquid form and can mix with different mediums. Using acrylic inks with resin. Offers many advantages. Such as providing vibrant colours and allowing for more control over the colour intensity.