Acrylic Inks

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    11 products
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    30ml Candy Ink - Individual
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    30ml Fluorescent Ink - Individual
    30ml Fluorescent Ink - Set of 8
    30ml Metallic Ink - Individual
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    Acrylic Ink For Resin

    Just Resin's range of acrylic ink for resin offers an exceptional selection to enhance your artistic endeavours. This resin ink selection is a true game-changer, specially crafted to infuse epoxy resin with a mesmerising depth that will elevate your masterpieces to new heights. 

    Just Resin offers a diverse collection of acrylic inks that are perfect for any resin art project. These versatile inks can be utilised for various projects, including resin jewellery and wall art, providing an array of vibrant colours that enhance the beauty of your artwork. Not only do these inks dry quickly, allowing for effortless creation, but they also add depth and intricate details to your piece. With Just Resin's range of acrylic inks, you can easily achieve stunning and unique results with minimal effort.

    Perfect for creating multi-layered artworks we have designed a Candy Ink Range, these Candy Inks are meticulously formulated using superior ingredients and boast a remarkable concentration level. A little truly goes a long way, allowing you to explore boundless creativity without worrying about running out too soon.

    For those seeking an elegant metallic touch, Just Resin presents a Metallic Acrylic Ink Range. These exquisite inks have been ingeniously designed to tint epoxy resin and unveil a dazzling metallic finish that will leave viewers spellbound. Each stroke brings forth the shimmering allure of precious metals, transforming any piece into a captivating work of art.

    If vibrant and eye-catching colours are what you desire, look no further than Just Resin's Fluorescent Acrylic Ink collection. This extraordinary ink has been created specifically to tint epoxy resin and deliver an electrifying burst of vivid hues. With each application, your artwork comes alive with an intensity that demands attention and admiration.

    Finally, Just Resin also offers Basic Acrylic Inks – safe and non-toxic options perfect for use with both resin and acrylic pouring medium. These versatile inks provide artists with reliable tools to effortlessly introduce colour into their creations while ensuring peace of mind regarding safety considerations.

    With the range encompassing everything from enchanting depths provided by the resin & acrylic Ink range to the shimmer and sparkle effects of the glitz inks, Just Resin provides artists with a wealth of choice when it comes to adding colour into their artworks. Plus, all options are non-toxic and safe for use with resin – so you can rest assured that your creations will be as beautiful as they are safe.

    How do inks differ from pigments?

    Inks disperse in resin polymers on a molecular level (similar to sugar in hot water) whereas the pigments are solids that must be dissolved in the resin polymer by mixing.

    It is easier to achieve bright, clear, transparent colours using inks. Pigments, on the other hand, provide deep, saturated, opaque colours. The other important difference is in the physical properties of each. Inks are thinner than pigments and are better for spraying or painting applications because they spread more evenly over a surface without pooling in one area. Pigment on the other hand, has a thicker consistency which makes it ideal for pastes that can be applied with a brush or spatula to create textures. Both have their pros and cons but understanding the differences between them can make it easier to decide which resin colour option is best for your resin project.