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    Just Resin Silicone Accessories For Resin Art

    Just Resin silicone accessories for resin art are a game changer for resin artists. Resin and silicone work together seamlessly, allowing you to create stunning pieces with ease. The range of silicon for resin products is huge. Enabling you to find the perfect resin silicone products online. Our Just Resin silicone kit includes everything you need to get started. Or if you're looking for something more custom, or needing to create large silicone moulds for resin. Liquid silicone is perfect for these types of custom casting moulds.

    Just Resin silicone accessories for resin art includes resin pads, mats and mixing accessories like mixing sticks and cups. Giving you the freedom to create anything your heart desires using this impressive combination of materials. It's amazing how much creativity can be unleashed when working with epoxy and silicone together. No matter if it's a small personal project or a large scale commission piece. Collection of resin and silicone products will help elevate your artistry to new heights. So if you're an artist looking for the best epoxy resin accessories

    for resin art, look no further than the silicon for resin range.

    Our Resin Casting Silicone Designed For Art

    Those who are interested in resin art and resin casting. Then you know that having the right resin accessories kit is key to success. One of the most important resin accessories you'll need is liquid silicone for mould making and prototyping. For resin artists looking to create DIY silicone moulds, this silicone is essential. Fortunately, we've stock a great selection of silicone for resin art. From liquid silicone to pre-made silicone moulds and epoxy resin accessories like silicone work mats or silicone mixing cups and mixing tools. Finding everything you need is easy to get started with resin art and resin casting silicone.

    Keeping Your Art Work Area Flat And Clean

    Look no further than our Just Resin silicone mats if you need a reliable silicone mat for resin work. Silicone work mats available in our collection are made of a high quality 100% pure silicone. Reinforced with fibreglass, which makes them very durable and won't stick to resin like other low quality mats. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to fit any project you might be working on. Good quality silicone mats are essential for resin art. Your work surface will not only be protected from spills and accidents, but also easy to clean. Quick cleanup with our silicone work mats. Easy to clean by peeling off any cured resin. Any resin colour use soap and water or baby wipes will suffice. Remember they're part or our reusable resin craft accessories. You'll never need to buy another one.

    Use Reusable Resin Accessories And Save

    The key to success in resin art is having the right accessories. Resin mixing cups, for example, are an essential part of the process. Epoxy resin accessories can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good finish. But what about reusable resin accessories? There are a few different types of reusable resin accessories on the market, and they can be a great investment for serious resin artists. Resin mixing cups are one type of accessory that can be reused. Cleaning them out after each use and they'll be good as new, simply allow to cure and peel. Epoxy resin accessories can also be reused if they're made of quality materials. Look for items that are designed to be reusable, and you'll be able to get years of use out of them.


    Make Your Own Resin Art Mould Using Silicone

    If you need an epoxy resin mould, consider making your own using silicone. At Just Resin you can find all the accessories for resin art silicone moulds. Make your own resin moulds using our ArtSil silicone for resin. ArtSil is perfect for any custom moulding. A unique type of liquid silicone that can be used to create any shape or size mould. Perfect for creating detailed parts, such as figurines and sculptures. Lightweight and incredibly strong, Artsil makes it easy to work with for a range of resin moulds. It also provides excellent heat resistance so you don’t have to worry about your resin burning or melting when casting items in the oven. Its low viscosity ensures that the mixture will flow freely into all areas of the mould. Forming an even cavity no matter how complex it may be. Once your project is complete you simply pop out your finished piece from its mould with ease. ArtSil moulds provide unbeatable versatility when compared to other types of resins. Offering a wide range of possibilities without sacrificing quality or structural integrity in the process.

    Here's a list of the supplies you'll need to make moulds for resin:

    ArtSil liquid Silicone: This is a two part system that will cure into a silicone mould. A high performance food grade liquid silicone rubber with excellent flexibility, strength and longevity. It's perfect for moulding high detailed items. Moulds are suitable for resin casting, lathe turning blanks, jewellery making, wax candle creation and various prototyping.

    Mould release agent: This is used to help the silicone from sticking to the mould when you pour it in. You can find mould release agents at most craft stores, or online.

    Measuring cups and stir sticks: You'll need these to measure out the ingredients for your silicone mould. Measuring cups, alcohol inks, silicone work mats and stir sticks can be found in our store.

    From mould making kits to all the different tools and materials you need, Just Resin has it all.

    Choose A Harder Setting Liquid Silicone To Make Moulds

    There are a few things to consider when choosing the right liquid silicone. For moulds made from liquid silicone. Make sure that the liquid silicone is food grade. It may come into contact with your skin. Consider how hard or soft you need the silicone to be. If you're making a detailed mould, you'll need a harder silicone so that the details don't get lost. At Just Resin we have designed our liquid silicone for resin casting. This liquid silicone is slightly harder than the standard resin casting silicone. We have found over many years of casting and prototyping. Having a slightly harder silicone rubber will give higher detail, longevity and save you money. 

    How Does Harder Silicone Save You Money? 

    When making any silicone mould the sidewall of any project needs to be proportional to the size of the project. Most liquid silicone is soft. The sidewall needs to be very thick to stop tearing, cracking and cast bulging. By using a harder silicone, the sidewall can be thinner while still providing rigidity to prevent casting bulges, cracks and tears. Savings of up to 30% of the total volume of your project can be achieved when using a harder silicone product.

    Find our liquid silicone for moulds online at Just Resin accessories for resin art.

    Due to its extremely durable and flexible silicone rubber. The silicone mould making kit is able to create detailed moulds with intricate designs. Finished products are extremely easy to release from the mould. When purchasing liquid silicone rubber, be sure to check the product label to ensure that it is suitable for resin casting.

    Pouring Resin Into An Art Mould

    Moulds made from silicone rubber are commonly used to create intricate shapes for resin casting. An advantage of using a silicone mould is that the finished product can be easily released from the mould without damaging it. Our range of resin moulds can be reused many times. Makes them a cost effective option for creating multiple copies of the same object when using casting resin. When using a silicone mould for resin castings. Use a release agent to prevent the cast resin from sticking or damaging to the mould. Using a silicone mould with resin is relatively simple.

    First, the mould should be cleaned and dried thoroughly to ensure that there is no debris or moisture on it.

    Next, a release agent such as petroleum jelly or baby powder should be applied to the inside of the mould. Creating a barrier between the resin and the silicone. Making it easier for the finished product to be removed from the mould without any damage. Once the release agent has been applied, it is time to mix and pour your chosen resin into the mould. Follow all instructions provided by your specific brand of resin carefully in order to achieve optimal results.

    After pouring, gently tap or shake the mould to remove any air bubbles that may have formed during mixing. After allowing enough time for your resin casting to cure. Carefully remove it from the mould by gently flexing and peeling back one corner at a time.

    If any areas are stubbornly stuck, do not force them out as this could damage both the mould and your casting. Silicone provides endless possibilities for creating unique and detailed objects with resin casting. With proper care, they can become an essential tool in any crafter's arsenal for producing beautiful creations over and over again.

    Does Epoxy Resin Stick To Silicone?

    Using a silicone mould is one of the most common methods for creating beautiful and intricate resin pieces. The non-stick surface of the silicone allows for easy removal once the resin has cured. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when working with epoxy resin and silicone. 

    It is important to properly prepare your mould by cleaning it thoroughly and applying a thin layer of mould release agent. Helping to prevent any excessive sticking between the two materials. It is also recommended to use a plastic or wooden stir stick rather than metal when mixing your epoxy resin. Metal can scratch and damage the smooth surface of the silicone mould. With proper preparation and techniques, you can create stunning resin pieces that pop out easily from your favourite moulds.

    How To Clean Off Resin?

    Resin and silicone are both popular materials used in various crafts and projects. However, when these two substances come into contact with each other, it can result in a sticky mess that is difficult to clean up. Cleaning a resin kit from silicone may seem like a daunting task, but with the right techniques and products, it can be done easily. 

    First step in cleaning resin from silicone is to remove as much of the excess resin as possible. Use a scraper or old credit card to gently scrape off any dried or hardened resin on the surface of the silicone. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as this can damage the silicone material.

    Next, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Spray this solution onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Using alcohol will help break down the resin making it easier to remove.

    Using a soft bristled brush or toothbrush. Gently scrub the area in circular motions. Helping to loosen any remaining bits of resin from the surface without damaging the silicone.

    For tougher stains or spots that are hard to reach with a brush, you can make a paste using baking soda and water. Apply this paste onto the affected area. Let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes before scrubbing it off with a damp cloth or sponge. Baking soda will act as an abrasive to help remove any stubborn resin residue.

    Finally, rinse the silicone thoroughly with warm water and dry it with a clean towel. Also you can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to speed up the drying process.

    Once all of the resin has been removed. Apply some dish soap onto a damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface of the silicone to give it a thorough cleaning.

    After following these steps, your silicone item should be free from any trace of resin and ready to be used again. Remember to always test out any cleaning solutions on a small inconspicuous area first before applying them onto larger surfaces.