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5 products

    5 products
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 3kg Kit
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    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 600kg Kit

    Deep Pour Resin For River Table

    RiverPour Epoxy Resin is the ultimate solution for creating stunning river tables and other creative applications. Specifically designed for deep pour epoxy resin projects, this low viscosity epoxy resin allows you to achieve large castings with ease. If you're working on a medium-sized resin table or tackling a massive project, RiverPour delivers exceptional results. RiverPour is the ultimate solution for deep pour epoxy resin needs in Australia, designed to provide a superior finish with easy to use features.

    One of the standout features of RiverPour is it's incredibly low exothermic reaction. This means that even during large deep pours, the resin generates minimal heat, ensuring your project remains stable throughout the curing process. Additionally, RiverPour boasts HALS UV stability technology provided by Just Resin, for long-lasting beauty and protection against harmful sun rays.

    Mixing RiverPour couldn't be easier thanks to its simple 2:1 ratio by weight. This user-friendly proportion makes it ideal for those who want to achieve large single pours seamlessly. In fact, at 25ºC temperature alone – there is no need for fans or cooling assistance – an impressive clear pour measuring up to 50mm in depth and weighing a total of 4kg can be accomplished effortlessly.

    Another advantage of RiverPour is its versatility in different climate conditions due to its extended pot life. Even in warmer climates where quick curing might pose a challenge, this epoxy resin system remains workable for hours before setting completely. 

    The end results of your projects are sure to be stunning with RiverPour. This epoxy resin system is self-levelling and UV resistant, thus ensuring an even, glossy finish that won’t yellow over time. Moreover, its advanced formula contains a powerful bubble release agent which allows for the easy removal of unwanted trapped air bubbles. Finally, it has high impact resistance and superior adhesion to wood surfaces or other substrates – it’s no wonder why this product is often recommended by professionals in the industry.


    RiverPour Deep Pour Casting Resin In Detail

    RiverPour is a Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin system, designed for casting and encapsulation for River Tables, and other creative applications.  This product has been designed for medium (3kg) to large (40kg+) castings, with a very low exothermic reaction, excellent HALS UV stability and Just Resin’s high optical clarity technology.

    RiverPour has an easy mixing ratio of 2:1 by weight, making it ideal for large single pours. A single clear pour of 50mm deep with a total weight of 4kg can be achieved at 25ºC without any fans or other temperature lowering assistance.

    RiverPour can be used in warmer climates due to its very long pot life. RiverPour is best tinted with Just Resin Pigment PastesMica PowdersChameleonsGlitters, and Inks.



    • Easy to measure ratio 2:1 by weight
    • Very long Pot life : >4 hours
    • Touch dry / Demould : >36 hrs
    • Full cure : 7-10 days
    • Great Hardness once cured - 78-82 Shore D at 20ºC
    • Deep pours of up to 50mm deep
    • Self-leveling
    • Excellent air release properties
    • Very high clarity
    • High gloss
    • UV Stable
    • Low in VOC’s
    • Low Viscosity
    • Very Low Exothermic Reaction


    Total weight of product

    Single Pour Depth

    Cure time

    Curing Temperature

    4 kilograms


    20 hours


    2 kilograms


    26 hours


    Why Is Riverpour Sold In Kilograms, And Its Conversion To Litres

    When measuring both small and large amounts of epoxy resin, it can often be much easier to simply weigh Part A & B on a set of scales in the same mixing vessel, as calibrated measuring cups can be limited in size and not always readily available.

    The Just Resin team, have been creating all sized castings for many years, and we struggled when it came to 20+ litre pours, as calibrated vessels are hard to come by for this volume of epoxy. We found ourselves converting the volume to weight and measured on a set of scales. As RiverPour is purposely designed for River Tables and other large casting applications, it was a must that we formulated this system to be measured by weight, for pure ease of use.

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    Looking For A Deep Pour Resin Australia?

    At Just Resin, we are an Australian-based company that offers some of the best resin craft materials available in the country. If you've been searching for deep pour resin or other similar deep casting products, you've come to the right place. Our expert team is here to offer guidance and help you hone your skills - so you can create beautiful art pieces for personal display, gifts for family members and even the professional seller. We want to assist you in showcasing your creative talents with resin and thousands of ways to do so! With our premium products, each of your artistic visions can become a reality; be it river tables, resin coffee tables or large castings - get creative and make it happen! 

    Just Resin goes beyond just selling materials for epoxy deep pour resin and deep pour resin accessories we also offer helpful resources. Our team has built online tools and created comprehensive guides to facilitate your deep pouring journey. Finding the right colours and pigments for the resin base is important as it impacts the overall look of your artwork. Just use our handy colour guide, tick off the elements you wish to buy and then pick a colour scheme according to that. Similarly, our pigment guide provides details of products such as liquid inks, concentrated pastes, or fine powders; giving you a better understanding of these components. Additionally, take advantage of our advanced resin calculator which allows you to enter your project's surface diameters, thereby getting an estimate on how many litres or fluid ounces are needed.

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