Flower Drying Silica Gel

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    Flower Drying Crystals 1kg

    Silica Gel Crystals Preserve Your Flowers

    Silica gel is perfect for drying out flowers. It prevents mould and mildew growth, while maintaining the petal shape and colour. Just Resins silica gel crystals are ideal for preserving flowers. These crystals work by absorbing all the moisture from the flower. Silica gel crystals prevent mould growth. Keeping the petals looking fresh and vibrant for weeks or even months on end. Silica gel and crystals can preserve all types of cut flowers like roses, lilies, carnations and daisies.

    Dry Out Flowers With Flower Drying Crystals For Art

    Once your flowers have reached their peak bloom, it's always a shame to see them wilt and fade away. But with the help of flower drying crystals, you can preserve their beauty. Keeping them looking vibrant for years to come. These silica crystals absorb moisture from the petals. While maintaining their shape and colour.

    Choose a glass vase large enough to hold all your flowers without overcrowding.

    Next, carefully arrange your flowers in the vase in whatever way you desire. Then, pour the silica gel crystals over top of the blooms until they are completely covered. As time passes, the silica gel will gradually pull out all the moisture from within each petal. Leaving behind perfectly dried blooms that keep their original shape and color.

    In a few days’ time, see how well your flowers have been preserved by these magical little crystals. And once they're completely dried out and ready for display. You can use them in various art projects or even as decorations around your home.

    At this point it's safe to mix the dried flowers in epoxy resin. Or set them in a silicone mould for a casting project. Used for creating stunning home decorations to display your preserved flowers. You can create a beautiful centrepiece at a party and event. Use crystals as fillers in vases, bowls, or even trays.

    Our silica gel crystals will extend the life of your flowers for many years to come. By taking these steps prior to working with resin. You will ensure that your finished flower creations last much longer.

    How Is Silica Gel Used?

    Silica gel is a great drying agent for multiple applications. Silica gel is an excellent choice for a desiccant. It absorbs moisture and prevents issues caused by humidity. Silica gel enables you to dry flowers and maintain them for a more extended period. From preserving documents to protecting valuable items from humidity damage. People have found creative ways to utilize this efficient desiccant. Silica gel's versatility makes it an essential with many uses in everyday situations. With its ability to absorb moisture effectively, without leaving any residue behind. It's no wonder that silica gel continues to be widely used today.

    Can Silica Gel Be Reused?

    The blue silica gel beads turn pink when they are fully absorbed, so you know when you should reactivate them! The process is simple and can be repeated multiple times, making silica gel a reusable item.

    How To Reactivate Silica Crystals?

    As soon as the blue silica beads turn pink this means they have reached full absorption. Don't worry reactivation is easy.

    You can reactivate them as follows: Place flower drying crystals out on a tray. Then place in an oven at 115°C to 125°C for approximately 2-3 hours, or until beads turn blue again. Once the beads have been reactivated (turn blue), remove the beads from the oven. Allow to cool before handling or using.