Flower Drying Silica Gel

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    Flower Drying Crystals 1kg

    Silica Gel Crystals Preserve Your Flowers

    Our specially designed silica gel is perfect for drying out your flowers, preventing mould and mildew growth while maintaining their shape and colour. Just Resins silica gel crystals are an ideal choice for preserving flowers by absorbing all the moisture from the flower. These silica gel crystals prevent mould growth and keep the petals looking fresh and vibrant for weeks or even months on end. The silica gel can be used to preserve all types of cut flowers, including roses, lilies, carnations and daisies. Simply add your desired freshly cut flowers to our silica crystals container and seal tightly with the lid. The process is simple yet effective in retaining their beauty for weeks or months, or you can encapsulate them in resin and they will last a lifetime. Whether you’re using them as decoration around your home or giving them away as gifts, preserved flowers are sure to bring smiles wherever they go!


    Dry Out Flowers With Flower Drying Crystals For Art

    You can enjoy your preserved flowers by filling a glass vase with water and adding the silica gel crystals. When the water dissolves the gel, the moisture absorbed by the gel will be released onto the dried petals of your flower. Remove the container after several hours and you'll be able to enjoy the silica gel flowers without having to worry about them wilting or losing their colour. It is then safe to mix the dried flowers in epoxy resin and pour them into moulds or onto surfaces like wood boards or canvases once they have been dry for a reasonable amount of time. By taking these steps prior to working with resin, you will ensure that your finished creations last much longer than if you had skipped this crucial part of the process!

    Our silica gel crystals can also be used for creating stunning home decorations as a unique way to display your preserved flowers. You can create a beautiful centrepiece at a party and event by using crystals as fillers in vases, bowls, or even trays. Our silica gel crystals will extend the life of your flowers for many years to come!


    How Is Silica Gel Used?

    Silica gel is a great drying agent with multiple applications. Silica gel is an excellent choice for a desiccant, as it absorbs moisture and prevents issues caused by humidity. Placed in a sealed container the flowers will become dry even when saturated with moisture. Additionally, silica gel enables you to dry flowers and maintain them for a more extended period.