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350 products

    350 products
    Art Resin Epoxy - 750ml Kit
    Art Resin Epoxy - 1.5L Kit
    Art Resin Epoxy - 3L Kit
    Art Resin Epoxy - 6L Kit
    Art Resin Epoxy - 15L Kit
    Basic Ink 50ml - Full Set of 13
    50ml Basic Ink - Individual
    30ml Candy Ink - Individual
    30ml Candy Ink - Set of 11
    30ml Fluorescent Ink - Individual
    30ml Fluorescent Ink - Set of 8
    30ml Metallic Ink - Individual
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    30ml Metallic Ink - Set of 9
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 400ml Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 1.2L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 2L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 4L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 6L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Slow - 8L Kit
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    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 600ml Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 1.2L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 2.4L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 3L Kit
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    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 6L Kit
    ArtCast Epoxy Resin - Fast - 9L Kit
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    Art Resin Epoxy - 30L Kit
    Titanium White - Basic Epoxy Paste
    Teal - Basic Epoxy Paste
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    Turquoise - Basic Epoxy Paste
    Phthalo Green - Basic Epoxy Paste
    Phthalo Blue - Basic Epoxy Paste
    Ultra Marine Violet - Basic Epoxy Paste
    Sale price $8.96 Regular price $12.80 Save 30%
    Bronze - Metallic Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Copper - Metallic Epoxy Paste
    Rich Gold - Metallic Epoxy Paste
    Ruby - Metallic Epoxy Paste
    Aluminium - Metallic Epoxy Pigment Paste
    Pale Gold - Metallic Epoxy Paste
    Turquoise - Luster Epoxy Paste
    Ultra Violet - Luster Epoxy Paste

    Art Supplies From Just Resin Australia

    Welcome to Just Resin, where the world of resin art awaits your creative touch! Our extensive range of epoxy resin supplies has been carefully curated to meet the needs and aspirations of resin art crafters like you. If you're a seasoned artist or just starting out on this mesmerising journey, we have everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life. Dive into our epoxy supplies collection and discover an array of high-quality products that will elevate your resin artwork and delight your senses. Our vibrant pigment pastes and powders come in a kaleidoscope of colours, allowing you to create stunning depth and dimension in your pieces. And if you're looking for something extra special, our polymer clay selection adds intricate details that can take your creations to a whole new level. To add a touch of sparkle and glamour, explore our exquisite glass glitters that shimmer under any light source - they are sure to captivate both creators and admirers alike! Additionally, we offer an assortment of paint pens with rich pigmentation for precise detailing or adding personal touches to finished works. 

    Finding the right art supplier for epoxy resin projects can be a challenge, but it's an essential part of your resin project. We understand the need for quality epoxy resin supplies in Australia, particularly when it comes to crafting and creating unique pieces. Not only do we stock all the best resins to get you started on your masterpiece, but we also have every accessory you need to complete it. Step into the world of art supplies for resin at Just Resin online today - unleash your imagination and let it flow through each stroke with confidence!


    Online Resin Supplies

    Just Resin online is the go-to destination for all your resin art supply needs in Australia. As one of the leading suppliers for Australian Made epoxy resin, we offer a wide range of resin products to help you create stunning resin art pieces. If you're located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth or even the Sunshine Coast, Just Resin has got you covered with convenient and efficient delivery service. With an extensive selection of epoxy resin supplies, you'll find everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life. When it comes to resin art supplies Melbourne, Sydney or Perth artists can rely on Just Resin for top-quality materials at affordable prices. From mixing trays and measuring jugs to silicone mats and glitter dust, we have all the tools necessary for your next masterpiece. Our specialty lies in supporting artists as they explore their creativity through resin art projects. Resin art offers endless possibilities that allow artists to express themselves in unique ways. At Just Resin, we understand this and provide a diverse range of products catered specifically towards resin art enthusiasts. If you want to create beautiful coasters or necklaces using epoxy resin supplies Sydney or Melbourne residents can trust Just Resin to have what you need online and delivered promptly. Our dedication extends beyond just providing high-quality resin art products and supplies; Just Resin aims to support artists throughout their creative journey by offering guidance and assistance every step of the way. With their comprehensive selection of resin supplies Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide locals will never be short on options when it comes to creating stunning pieces that leave an impression. If you're looking for an easy and efficient way to purchase the resin supplies you need, Just Resin is the ideal online choice. With fast shipping times and a helpful customer support team, we make it easy for artists of all skill levels to take their resin projects to the next level.


    Looking For Epoxy Resin Suppliers?

    Are you searching for epoxy resin suppliers near me? Check out Just Resin, Australia's largest specialised resin art supplier. We offer a wide range of epoxy supplies, pigments, and resin moulds that are perfect for any resin project. No Matter if you’re an artist looking to create stunning works of art or a hobbyist seeking the latest materials for your craft projects, Just Resin has everything you need! Our professional-grade products are top quality and sure to meet all your expectations. In addition to our selection of epoxy resin supplies, we also provide helpful resin FAQ tutorials and video guides on YouTube. We want to make sure everyone can get the most out of their resin experience with as little frustration as possible. With our videos, we will not only show you how to use the products but also teach valuable techniques for creating beautiful pieces of artwork using epoxy resin. So if you’ve been searching for “epoxy resin suppliers near me” then be sure to check out Just Resin today!