Cold Casting Metal Powders

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    5 products
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    Cold Casting Resin With Metal Powders

    Create truly stunning metal-like castings with our bronze, brass metal powder, iron, aluminium, and copper metal powders. Our highest quality cold casting powder for cold cast resin art from Just Resin allows you to unleash your creativity and transform ordinary epoxy resin sculptures into extraordinary works of art. The cold cast resin process is simple yet magical - the resin and metal powder are carefully mixed together at a minimum ratio of 2 parts epoxy resin to 1 part metal powder by weight. This mixture is then poured into a meticulously crafted mould that captures every intricate detail. As the resin cures and solidifies, it bonds with the metal powder to create a captivating fusion of texture and shine. Once demolded, your project comes alive as you witness its transformation from mere resin to an astonishingly realistic metallic object. To enhance its authenticity further, you can choose to buff it back with steel wool or delicately sand it down until its surface gleams like polished steel or aged copper. The weight of these castings adds another layer of realism, making them indistinguishable from genuine metal pieces. For those seeking an antique touch or rustic charm in their creations, patina solutions or shoe polish can be masterfully applied to initiate an enchanting weathered effect on the castings' surfaces. This not only adds depth but also brings out the character inherent in each piece. Our cold casting powders come in convenient 1kg reusable buckets that ensure long-lasting supply for all your artistic endeavours. Experience the endless possibilities offered by our highest quality cold casting powder for resin art from Just Resin today.