Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay Bars

8 products

    8 products
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Fiji Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Glacier Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - French Pink Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Sedona Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Lilac Mist Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Cabernet Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Khaki Green Limited Edition
    Souffle Sculpey Clay - 48g - Wild Orchid Limited Edition

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    Elevate your artistic endeavours with the exquisite Souffle Polymer Clay. Available at Just Resin art supplies. The beauty of Sculpey Souffle Clay. Lies in its endless possibilities, perfect for any creative project you can imagine. This Premo clay is a true artist's dream come true. Offering the ideal balance of softness for easy blending. Firmness for intricate detailing. If you're crafting stunning jewellery pieces, embellishing DIY home decor projects. Or experimenting with mixed media techniques. This polymer clay will take your creations to new heights.

    Mix and match it with your favourite Premo colours or mica pigments. To achieve unique shades and effects. Don't worry about rushing. This souffle clay stays soft until baked in an oven. Allowing ample time to mould and shape your masterpiece before setting it in stone. With its flexibility, strength, and durability. Souffle Premo Sculpey opens up a world of creative possibilities. Limited only by your imagination.

    So go ahead and work the clay until it's pliable as putty. Let your hands and tools guide you as you sculpt shapes that defy convention. Bake according to package instructions (remembering that thickness matters).

    Unleash your inner artist. With Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay from Just Resin art supplies. This versatile clay is not only perfect for professional artists. But also for beginners looking to try their hand at sculpting. Its smooth and lightweight texture. Makes it easy to work with. While its ability to hold fine details allows for intricate designs and patterns. Plus, its matte finish gives a unique touch to your finished pieces. Making them stand out from traditional glossy polymer clay creations. 

    Its lightweight nature. Allows for comfortable handling and the ability to create larger pieces. Without adding unnecessary weight. It's excellent adhesive qualities. Make it easy to incorporate other materials into your projects. From metal findings to beads and even fabrics. The possibilities are endless with Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay. And if you're feeling extra fancy? Top it off with epoxy resin for a high gloss finish. That will leave jaws dropping at the sheer brilliance of your clay artwork.

    But don't just take our word for it. Let your hands experience the joy of working with this high-quality clay. Watch as your ideas come to life before your eyes, each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.

    Sculpey Soufflé is a different kind of polymer clay.

    It's a new innovative lightweight clay perfect for crafting and jewellery making. This clay is strong and able to hold fine detail making it perfect for even the most advanced clay techniques. Soufflé won't crack in large pieces. The defining quality of Soufflé is it's beautiful suede finish when baked.

    Creating with Sculpey Soufflé

    Condition the Polymer Clay with a conditioning machine (or pasta machine) until soft.
    Let your imagination run wild, and create beautiful shapes and designs with your hands and tools.
    Stretch, cut, roll, mold, stack and sculpt your clay into your masterpiece.
    Bake your creation in an oven - follow instructions on packaging, as bake times vary depending on the thickness of your design.
    Can be sanded, carved, painted, glazed and even domed with epoxy resin, such as our DiamondCote or ArtCast Slow.