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    4 products
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    Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

    Glow in the dark resin pigment powder and epoxy never ceases to give artwork that unbelievable wow factor. Just Resin glow powder can be used with all types of artwork applications — resins, paints, nail lacquers, and more. This glow in the dark powder allows great fun for creatives of any skill level. Our top-quality glow in the dark epoxy pigment ensures the best results every time, and is one of the best add-ons to our resin starter kits, as well. It's easy to work with our glow in the dark epoxy pigment and powder. It can easily be mixed into resins, paints, and other products for a luminescent effect that will leave your artwork looking incredible! You don't need any special tools or skills; just mix it together as per instructions with whatever you're using and watch as your artwork takes on new life — literally! Not only does our glow in the dark epoxy pigments look amazing when lit up, but they are also incredibly durable. Our product has been tested to resist fading over time, so you can rest assured that your art project will last a long time without losing its luminescence.

    Choose from our glow powder collection's variety of colours to suit your taste at an affordable price. You can either use the glow in the dark pigments on their own or along with our wider resin art supplies. Our glow in the dark resin powder comes in 50ml jars, and are ideal for use in resin wall arts, resin castings in silicone moulds, resin timber tables, stools, and many more.


    How Does Glow Powder Work

    Keep the glow alive as you recharge them sufficiently by exposing the pigments to sunlight or UV light. If you want to add a glowing effect to your environment? Use glow in the dark epoxy pigment on your masterpiece. You can do it on simple home decor, your furniture, your floor and even create a glow epoxy resin table. 

    In the end, you will get an amazing outcome with our glow in the dark powder. Our glow pigments are super easy to use and don’t require any additional processes or techniques. You can also mix and match different colours to create special effects like galaxy stars on your projects. The best part is that these powders are long lasting so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon! Bring out your creativity and let our glow resin art supplies light up every corner of your home!


    How Much Glow Powder To Use In Resin

    Choose a reliable product that goes beyond aesthetics. Glow in the dark pigment powder for resin can fill cracks in wood, covering up unwanted gaps on your artwork. Our glow in the dark pigment powder collection boasts the fascinating colours of blue, yellow, purple, and blue-green. Each glow powder package contains 50ml of fine glow. Achieve a luminous glow finish by incorporating up to 20% pigment to resin ratio.

    Just Resin glow in the dark powder pigment is pure with no binders, so avoid dyes with high binding agent proportions as they can affect your artwork's colour and glow effect. With our pigment powder, you can achieve the coveted bright glow effect from the high contents of active material.

    Your pigment applications are unlimited with the right glow in the dark resin powder. You can use these stunning elements for your artwork, crafts, and even the interior design of your home. You can mix the glow in the dark powder pigment into any of your favourite mediums, such as epoxy resin, paint or plaster for a unique and exciting artwork. You can also sprinkle the powder onto your work directly once it has dried to get an amazing sparkle effect! With this method you can achieve a stunning twinkling effect that will make your art truly stand out. Explore different techniques and experiment with Just Resin's glow in the dark pigment to create breathtaking effects like no other. The possibilities are endless when crafting with our high-quality, safe, non-toxic pigments – let your creativity be inspired and enjoy creating masterpieces that will light up the night!

    Maximise the glowing effect by charging the pigments at least half an hour under the sun before using!


    Just Resin's Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder

    Here at Just Resin, we always make sure that our growing inventory of art supplies is updated regularly for you. You can always expect the best, up-to-date materials available in one place for your convenient shopping experience.  Our glow in the dark pigment for resin art is no different. The pigment powder can be added to any epoxy resin projects, like jewellery, sculptures and more to create glow in the dark  epoxy resin. It will absorb energy from any light source and radiate a glowing effect at night or in dark places! Not only that, but this special pigment also enhances the colour of your artwork with its unique fluorescent colours during daytime too! With our premium quality glow in the dark powder for resin you’ll be sure to get beautiful results every time.


    Let's Take Your Epoxy Creations To The Next Level

    Make your resin art glow with Just Resin's remarkable glow in the dark epoxy resin and their high-quality glow in the dark powder for resin. Elevate your epoxy creations to a whole new level by incorporating this magical pigment into your artwork. Imagine transforming a resin masterpiece into something truly out of this world, capturing the ethereal beauty of galaxies and celestial wonders within your very own creation. With Just Resin's finest glow in the dark powder for resin, you can create mesmerising effects that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it. No matter if you are an experienced artist or just starting out, this luminous pigment will add an enchanting touch to any project, making it stand out from the rest. Let your imagination run wild as you infuse vibrant hues and luminescent glows into pieces; each stroke revealing a hidden universe waiting to be explored. Best of all, using Just Resin's exceptional glow in the dark powder ensures that your art remains illuminated for years to come - an everlasting testament to both its craftsmanship and sheer brilliance. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Unleash the power of light and darkness with Just Resin's glowing pigments and let them transform every piece of art you create into a radiant masterpiece that defies reality itself!

    Enjoy browsing through an assortment of inspiration from various ideas, colours, and textures. For more information, please contact us – we're always happy to assist!