Glow Pigment Powders

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    4 products
    Purple - Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment
    Blue - Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment
    Blue Green - Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment
    Yellow - Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

    Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

    Glow in the dark resin pigment powder and epoxy never ceases to give artwork that unbelievable wow factor.

    Just Resin Glow Powders can be used with all types of artwork applications — resins, paints, nail lacquers, and more. It allows great fun for creatives of any skill level. Our top-quality glow in the dark epoxy pigment ensures the best results for all time, and is one of the best add-ons of our resin starter kits, as well.

    Choose from our collection's variety of colours to suit your taste at an affordable price. You can either use the pigments on their own or along with our wider resin art supplies. Our glow in the dark resin powder comes in 50ml jars, and are ideal for use in resin wall arts, resin castings in silicone moulds, resin timber tables, stools, and many more. You decide the limit.

    Keep the glow alive as you recharge them sufficiently by exposing the pigments to sunlight or UV light.

    Want to add a glowing effect to your environment? Use glow-in-the-dark epoxy pigment on your masterpiece. You can do it on simple home decor, your furniture, and even your floor!

    Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder for Resin

    Choose a reliable function that goes beyond aesthetics. Glow in the dark pigment powder for resin can fill cracks in wood, covering up unwanted gaps on your artwork. Our collection boasts the fascinating colours of blue, yellow, purple, and blue-green. Each package contains 50ml of fine glow. Achieve a luminous glow finish by incorporating up to 20% pigment to resin ratio.

    Just Resin glow in the dark powder pigment is pure with no binders, so avoid dyes with high binding agent proportions as they can affect your artwork's colour and glow effect. With our pigment powder, you can achieve the coveted bright glow effect from the high contents of active material.

    Your pigment applications are unlimited with the right glow in the dark resin powder. You can use these stunning elements for your artwork, crafts, and even the interior design of your home.

    Maximize the glowing effect by charging the pigments at least half an hour under the sun before using!

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