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Lining up all the epoxy resin supplies you need for your next project should be easy, whether it's pigment pastes, powders, interference pigments or something in between. At Just Resin, we make it possible for you to fulfil your vision and explore your creativity with an easy-to-navigate online store – all packed full of goodies.

Our difference remains in stocking a large variety of equipment and art resin supplies across Australia, all of which is available in one place. Explore and buy everything you need to get started in a few clicks (or taps). We’re proud to distribute some of the finest products on the market, formulated to give you the ability to design a variety of eclectic creations.

Epoxy Art Resin for Imaginative Creatives

When practising pouring art, you need to begin with only the finest quality ingredients and materials. We stock various luscious pastes and powders that inject life into each piece. Our expertise is in providing you with a variety of exceptionally crafted products with different finishes on offer, allowing you to achieve the look you desire.

We also offer regular sales and offers on everything you need to become a seasoned professional, including:

  • Mixing trays
  • Inks - metallic, candy and fluorescent colours
  • Large and small bottles of epoxy
  • Jugs
  • Pipettes
  • Glitter dust
  • And so much more.

Making things simple for customers is what we do best, so we offer various kits that make starting out straightforward. These pre-selected items are the perfect way to start your journey in this creative pursuit and even include safety gloves and basic instructions for your benefit. These are priced to save you both time because you don't need to seek everything out yourself, and buying as a bundle saves you money.

Stop Guessing What You Need

With a growing assortment of products, our stock is updated regularly. We are constantly striving to bring the very best and up-to-date materials to the community. We have a friendly reputation and are passionate about working with epoxy resin and mixed media – so put our offering to the test!

As an independent store, we love supporting creatives, providing them with the right pieces and sharing our knowledge. We invite you to ask for our assistance and stop guessing what you will need for your next project – our team has all the right insights to equip you with the very best resin art supplies from our Melbourne-based store.

With that said and done, we’ll also deliver your order anywhere in Australia. Enjoy our long list of reputable products at your disposal, without having to leave your home or studio. We also offer an array of payment options, including Afterpay and PayPal, for your convenience.

Enjoy browsing through our items and be inspired by the beautiful array of colours, textures and ideas that will help take your next creation to the next level.