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    MTN Acrylic Marcador 1mm Paint Pen
    MTN Acrylic Marcador 2mm Paint Pen
    MTN Acrylic Marcador 6mm Paint Pen
    MTN Colors - Montana Liquid Metallic Paint - Copper
    MTN Colors - Montana Liquid Metallic Paint - Gold
    MTN Colors - Montana Liquid Metallic Paint - Silver

    MTN Acrylic Marcador Water Based Paint Markers

    The Montana Pens Acrylic Marcador is the ultimate game-changer in the world of water-based paint markers. Available from Just Resin with its high opacity and felt tip, it effortlessly glides across practically all surfaces, leaving a vibrant and long-lasting mark that will surely capture attention. The possibilities are endless when it comes to utilising this versatile acrylic marker collection - let your imagination run wild with 1mm, 2mm and 6mm paint pens! If you're an aspiring artist or a DIY enthusiast, this marker guarantees exceptional results. Its quick-drying formula ensures that your creations can be admired within minutes, while a complete dryness is achieved within 24 hours, depending on the surface you're working on. Say goodbye to worrying about the effects of light and water as these acrylic markers offer impeccable resistance against both elements. Plus, they boast a xylene-free composition with no odour whatsoever, ensuring a safe and comfortable creative process for everyone involved. What sets this acrylic marker apart from others is its impressive durability and sustainability features. Not only can these markers be refilled with MTN water based paint or any other paint or ink of your choice but their tips are also replaceable! This means that their useful life can be extended indefinitely, allowing you to continue pursuing your artistic endeavours without constantly repurchasing them- talk about value for money! By opting for these Montana Pens Acrylic Marcadores from Just Resin art supplies, not only will you create stunning works of art but also contribute towards reducing waste in our environment. So go ahead - unleash your creativity like never before with these remarkable acrylic paint markers!


    Liquid Metallic Permanent Paint

    Introducing the remarkable MTN Liquid Metallic Paint, a true game-changer in the world of artistic expression. This permanent paint boasts an unparalleled combination of qualities that sets it apart from any other brand on the market. With its exceptional adhesion, opacity, and resistance to outdoor elements, liquid metallic is not only ideal for filling metal body markers but also seamlessly compatible with paint brushes, airbrushes, and other fine arts techniques. Its versatility extends even further into letter painting and resin art - truly a masterpiece in every artist's arsenal. Formulated using solvent-based acrylic resins and infused with stunning leafing pigments, liquid metallic comes in three captivating colours: gold, silver, and copper. These dazzling shades are bound to ignite your creativity as you delve into your latest project. Each colour is thoughtfully packaged in 200 ml metal containers - ensuring longevity while adding a touch of elegance to your studio space. The hallmark of this metallic paint lies not only within its exquisite quality but also its rapid drying time. As artists know all too well, waiting for layers to dry can be painstakingly tedious - yet liquid metallic paint offers a swift drying process without compromising on its lustrous metallic effect. If you're working on projects that require unrivalled shine or demanding full-bodied coverage; this paint delivers perfection every time. Liquid metallic permanent paint raises the bar when it comes to achieving brilliance beyond comparison. Crafted by Just Resin Art Supplies with utmost dedication and expertise, this revolutionary  paint provides a striking metallic finish to any project. Its rich opaque formula creates a vibrant depth and sheen that surpasses traditional metallic paints.