ARC - Acrylic Resin Composite

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    5 products
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 1.75kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 3.5kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 7kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 14kg Kit
    ARC - Water Based Casting Resin - 28kg Kit

    ARC Acrylic Resin Australia Made

    ARC is Just Resin's own Acrylic Resin Composite. This eco casting resin comes in two components, a mineral powder base and a water-based acrylic liquid. Also known as eco resin, acrylic resin is a versatile and environmentally friendly material that has gained popularity in recent years. It consists of a mineral powder base and a water based acrylic liquid, typically made from gypsum, plaster, or plaster of Paris. While it can be cured with regular water, this will result in a weaker finished product. However, by incorporating the water based acrylic resin, the material gains significantly more strength. The acrylic liquid acts as a binder to effectively combine all components. This type of plaster casting material is opaque white to off-white and features a semi-gloss or gloss finish (not to be confused with epoxy resin). For further information on how to use acrylic resin, please refer to our How To Use Acrylic Resin guide.
    In addition to coasters, trays, sculptures, art-based castings, jewellery, and terrazzo effect castings, acrylic resin can be used to create a wide range of items. The possibilities are endless, and it's very easy to make. In contrast to Jesmonite products, ARC is Australian made. Australia wide shipping available in 1.75kg ARC Kit, 3.5Kg ARC Kit, 7Kg ARC Kit, 14Kg ARC Kit and 28Kg ARC Kit sizes.

    It's A Better Eco Resin Choice

    One of the unique features of ARC is its eco-friendly formula. It is free from harmful chemicals such as VOCs, making it safe for both the user and the environment. This also means it can be used indoors without hassle. The water-based acrylic liquid makes cleaning up a breeze, with no need for harsh solvents or thinners. Not only does ARC offer a safer alternative to traditional resins, but it also produces stunning results. It's hard wearing and low viscosity make it perfect for creating intricate designs and achieving smooth finishes. The mineral powder base allows for endless colour possibilities, giving you full control over your creations. At Just Resin, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality casting products that are easy to use and produce professional-looking results every time. With our eco casting compound ARC, you can unleash your creativity while being kind to the planet at the same time. Experience the versatility and beauty of acrylic resin today with Just Resin's ARC, an eco resin Australia made product designed by artists for artists.

    Using Acrylic Casting Resin For Resin Art

    When it comes to creating mesmerising acrylic resin art, ARC acrylic casting resin is the perfect choice. To begin, ensure you have all the necessary resin mixing materials and accessories - including ARC pigments for vibrant castings, resin mixing cups. Start by weighing 2.5 parts of the mineral powder base and 1 part liquid and incorporate approximately 80% of the required water-based acrylic liquid. As you mix these two components together, a thick paste will form. Keep stirring until the paste becomes uniform and free of any clumps. Now it's time to add the remaining liquid and continue mixing until everything is well blended. To give your castings an extra pop, tinting ARC with acrylic resin pigments is ideal. Begin with just a few drops and gradually increase as desired, making sure not to exceed a 2% ratio in relation to the total mixed weight.

    After pouring your mixture into moulds or other desired shapes, allow sufficient time for demolding, typically around 35-40 minutes for ARC resin. However, keep in mind that certain coloured pigments may prolong this process slightly depending on weather conditions and other factors such as size or type of silicone mould used (especially enclosed moulds).

    Once fully cured, ARC exhibits a beautiful white/off-white satin finish which can be further enhanced through sanding, sealing or polishing with wax polish or coated in epoxy resin if desired. The possibilities are endless when working with this incredible eco-friendly casting compound.

    So go ahead and unleash your creativity using our exceptional water-based casting resin, if you're an experienced artist or just starting out on your artistic journey.

    What is Just Resin's Eco Resin Product?

    If you are looking for resin-crete, water based casting resin, resin plaster, Jesmonite, Gypsum online, look no further because ARC acrylic resin composite is here!

    A few fun facts to allow you to become more familiar with our new product....⁠

    ARC the name, is derived from what the product actually is, an Acrylic Resin Composite⁠

    • It sets smooth & is low in viscosity
    • Great for quick turnaround projects 
    • Once cured, its extremely hard wearing
    • Functional home décor
    • Easily create vibrant castings with ARC Pigments
    • Proudly Australian Made

    It is our goal to keep our resin products in stock at all times, so you can count on having ARC at all times.

    Where To Buy Jesmonite Alternative In Australia?

    If you are on the hunt for a remarkable water-based casting resin in Australia, one that circumvents long wait times and exorbitant shipping costs, look no further than ARC. This exceptional product is proudly Australian-made by Just Resin, renowned epoxy resin manufacturers in the country. While Jesmonite and other brands may be a popular choice, it's worth exploring alternatives such as ARC water based casting resin to not only support local Australian businesses but also experience the quality that comes from decades of expertise. Unlike acrylic resins or eco resins commonly found elsewhere, ARC 2 part acrylic resin stands out with its unique formulation that guarantees excellent eco casting results every time. So why settle for less when you can have an outstanding water-based casting resin right at your doorstep.