Pigment Storage Units

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    Pigment Storage Unit - Wall Mountable Shelf
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    Pigment Storage Unit - Organiser

    Pigment Art And Craft Storage Units

    The perfect storage solution for your Favourite Pigments!

    Introducing the pigment storage unit from Just Resin, a revolutionary solution that will transform your art studio, garage, or home into an organised haven for all your favourite pigment art and craft supplies. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this storage unit is designed specifically for Just Resin's range of pigment pastes and powders. Its clear acrylic construction not only showcases the vibrant colours of your pigments but also ensures easy identification so you can effortlessly locate the shade you desire. If you prefer wall mountable options to proudly display your collection like works of art themselves or compact benchtop solutions that keep everything within arm's reach during creative sessions, this storage unit has got you covered. But wait, there's more! For those who value discretion or have limited space, our stackable and portable storage design allows you to tuck away these little treasures in drawers while still keeping them perfectly organised. No longer will mica powder storage be a headache; now it becomes a seamless part of your artistic process thanks to the pigment storage unit by Just Resin.