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    5 products
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 3kg Kit
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    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 600kg Kit

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    Finding the appropriate resin for larger casting projects can be difficult. There are so many casting resins available online, how do you choose the best deep cast resin? With the Just Resin deep cast epoxy range and project helper. You can easily determine which deep pour resin kit is suitable for your bigger project.

    Our deep pour resin kits work best with these larger pour projects. Creating stunning river tables, bar tops, and other large scale projects. This deep cast epoxy range. Is formulated to provide a crystal-clear finish, with no bubbles or imperfections. This makes it ideal for encapsulating objects. Such as wood slices, shells, or even photographs in thick layers of resin. Not only does our deep pour resin offer exceptional clarity and durability. But it also has a longer working time compared to regular casting resins. This means you have more time to work on your project. Without worrying about the resin setting too quick. We take pride in providing high-quality products that are safe and easy to use. Our deep cast epoxy range is non-toxic and low odour. Suitable for both professional artists and beginners alike. Each kit has step-by-step instructions on how to use our deep pour resin system. Achieving professional results has never been easier. So why settle for ordinary pour resin. When you can create extraordinary pieces with our deep cast epoxy range. We take pride in our deep pour resin Australia. Made in Australia RiverPour and ArtCast resins, are sure to meet your expectations.

    Deep pour resin from Just Resin is a popular choice for artists and DIY enthusiasts alike. Our resin pour kit allows for thicker resin pour layers. Without compromising on the quality and finish. Unlike other art resins which cater to many smaller project types. Deep pour resin is perfect for large artworks.

    Our Best Deep Pour Resin For Large Projects

    RiverPour is the perfect choice for all your deep pour resin needs. With a low viscosity and extended working time. This pour resin allows you to create stunning river tables, ocean-inspired art pieces, and other large projects. As a result of its low exothermic nature. RiverPour is ideal for river table pours and large resin wood art projects. It is created for casting and encapsulating projects. Great for epoxy tables, and other large pour creative applications. The self-leveling formula ensures a smooth surface. Without any need for additional tools or techniques. The unique properties of this product. Make it perfect for medium to large castings ranging from 3kg to 40kg or more. It exhibits a very low exothermic reaction. Ensuring controlled curing while providing excellent HALS UV stability. One pour can reach 50mm deep because of its low exothermic nature. As a preferred resin for river tables. RiverPour deep pour epoxy resin has outstanding clarity, hardness, and UV stability. Including excellent casting longevity. RiverPour provides superior gloss and flow characteristics. That make it ideal for megapour deep cast epoxy resin projects. RiverPour is a formulated resin kit that has a low viscosity. Additionally, Just Resin's high optical clarity technology ensures crystal clear results.

    Easy To Mix Large Quantities For Single Pours

    The mixing ratio of RiverPour is easy to follow. With a weight ratio of 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener. This makes it ideal for large single pours without the need for multiple smaller batches. To ensure that you order the right amount, please visit our deep pour resin calculator. Even at room temperature (25ºC). You can achieve an impressive single pour up to 50mm deep. Weighing a total of 4kg without the use of fans or additional cooling measures. 

    Your deep pours don't need to be boring. Make bright, vibrant colours by adding special resin colour. Helping to create vibrant stunning works of resin art. RiverPour best tinted with. Just Resins range of Pigment PastesMica PowdersChameleonsGlitters, and Inks

    A Deep Pour Epoxy For Deeper Resin Moulds

    Art Cast Slow is a low-viscosity epoxy resin. ArtCast Slow designed for art casting, encapsulation, and other creative applications. Unlike RiverPour, ArtCast Slow has a pour depth of 20ml compared to 50ml. Although you can still use this casting resin for deeper pours. It would need more pour layers depending on the depth. In comparison to using RiverPour deep pour resin.

    But in contrast to a high viscosity epoxy resin top coat. This epoxy casting resin makes it easy for the resin to penetrate and fill even the smallest gaps and cavities. Casting resins, like ArtCast Slow, cure much harder than coating resins. Compared to many other casting resins, ArtCast Slow offers superior clarity. This allows for the creation of translucent projects. Allowing light to pass through them in a controlled manner. This epoxy resin has excellent UV resistance. Can be used both indoor and outdoor without yellowing or fading over time. Unlike some other casting resins.

    Excellent Clarity and Impact Resistance For Castings

    This epoxy resin is a two-part system. Consisting of a resin and hardener. When mixed together it forms the casting material. The curing process begins as soon as the two parts mix. Requiring no extra heat or pressure. When cured. ArtCast Slow has excellent clarity and superior impact resistance for its strength. Its low viscosity also helps create even layers throughout any cast object. Improving the finished product's appearance when painted or polished.


    What Is Deep Pour Resin Epoxy?

    Deep pour resin is a special type of epoxy resin. Specifically formulated for pour casting, large, thick layers in one pour. Unlike regular epoxy. That's poured in thin layers due to its exothermic (heat-generating) reaction. Deep pour resin epoxy has a slower curing time and less heat buildup. This allows pouring to greater depth without cracking or overheating. Deep pour resin also has a longer working time. Giving users more time to mix and pour their project before it starts to harden. One of the main uses for deep pour resin epoxy is in creating river tables or live edge furniture pieces. These types of projects need a thick layer of resin poured over natural materials such as wood. Creating a beautiful and unique finish. With its versatility and durability. Deep pour resin offers many creative possibilities. Especially those looking for ultra clear unique eye catching finish.