Basic Ink 50ml - Full Set of 13

  • $69.00

JR Basic Inks have been formulated as a safe, non-toxic Resin ink to be used with Resin and Acrylic Pouring Medium.

We use the highest of quality pigments, and this product has great UV Stabling properties.

This product has been designed as an Opaque ink - although by using less, a more transparent look can be achieved.


  • Highest Quality Pigment
  • Water Resistant
  • Non-Clogging
  • Lightfastness : Excellent


Each kit will include one of the following, in 50ml - Black, Blue, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange, Sepia, White, Violet, Magenta, Crimson, Red And Sienna.

Colours in this chart are accurate, however, each digital device may vary.

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