Ocean Resin Art Kit

23 products

    23 products
    Titanium White - Basic Epoxy Paste
    OceanCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 1L Kit
    OceanCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 2L Kit
    OceanCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 5L Kit
    OceanCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 10L Kit
    ArtCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 1L Kit
    ArtCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 2L Kit
    ArtCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 5L Kit
    ArtCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 10L Kit
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    ArtCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 20L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 1L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 2L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 5L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 10L Kit
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    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 20L Kit
    Ocean Kit (Luster) - Colour Palette
    Ocean Kit (Basic) - Colour Palette
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    Fairy Floss - Colour Palette
    Glitz & Glam - Colour Palette
    Pastels - Colour Palette
    Primary Colours - Colour Palette
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    Tropical - Colour Palette
    The Grand Colour Palette

    Ocean Resin Art Supplies

    When it comes to creating captivating ocean-themed pieces, one cannot overlook the significance of selecting the finest ocean resin art supplies. To ensure a flawlessly polished outcome, your resin artistry deserves nothing short of an extraordinary ocean resin art kit. If you are aiming for a serene depiction of the beach or want to encapsulate the majestic beauty of ocean waves in your artwork, these meticulously chosen ocean art materials will elevate your creations to new heights. With Just Resin's best white pigment for resin waves, designed specifically for ocean art resin waves, your ocean-inspired masterpieces will leave viewers awe-struck and deeply impressed by their authenticity and charm. Allow this remarkable white pigment to infuse life into every ripple and swirl on your canvas, effortlessly capturing the essence of mesmerising oceanic movements through its delicate hues. From tranquil coastlines to roaring tides frozen in time, experience the sheer brilliance that comes with harnessing this best-in-class white ocean art resin pigment for breathtakingly realistic resin waves. Let each brushstroke create a resplendent fusion between form and concept a true testament to your artistic prowess drawing admirers towards the enchanting allure only found within our vast oceans' depths. Make sure to use quality epoxy resin from Just Resin, the resin experts, for a flawless finish that will enhance the beauty of your resin waves even further. Bring the ocean into your home with Just Resin's white pigment and ocean colours, let its splendour wash over you in all its glory.

    Creating The Resin Wave Effect

    To get lacing and cells in resin, you need to understand resin flow art basics. It takes about 24 hours to cure resin, depending on the type of resin and the ambient temperature. 

    The first step to creating lacing and cells is to understand the curing process. You can create a solid piece of art by curing resin, which starts as a liquid and cures into a solid form. Applying a thin layer of clear resin to the art board or panel, which can be tinted or coloured to your liking, is the first step in creating a resin ocean art masterpiece. The layer should still be liquid when you apply a thin line of mixed resin with titanium white epoxy paste. Titanium white epoxy paste has been specially designed for excellent lacing and cell formation.

    To heat the resin mix, use a heat gun or hair dryer set to medium heat and full fan. Ensure that you keep the heat gun in constant motion to prevent scorching and yellowing of the white paste. The combination of heat and fast-moving air will make the resin flow smoothly. As a result, the titanium white resin will spread across the wet layer below and become thinner. 

    You will observe that the white resin mix turns somewhat translucent as it moves along the substrate. The resin will cool and set depending on how thin and translucent you made it in the previous step. 

    Once you achieve the desired lacing effect, allow the resin to cool and set.