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    36 products
    Black - Basic Epoxy Pigment Paste
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    Phantom Black - Luster Epoxy Paste
    Black Magic - Fine Glitter Holographic
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    Black - Glass Glitter - Super Shard
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    Onyx Black Glass Fragments 250gm
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    Black Tourmaline Crystal Chips 250gm
    ARC Pigment - Black
    Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink - Mantilla Black
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    Carbon Black - Luster Powder Pigment
    Phantom Black - Luster Powder Pigment
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 3kg Kit
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 6kg Kit
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 15kg Kit
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 30kg Kit
    RiverPour 2:1 Epoxy Resin - 600kg Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 1L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 2L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 5L Kit
    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 10L Kit
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    DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 20L Kit
    Epoxy Drill Mixer Attachment / Stirring Rod
    Epoxy Drill Mixer Attachment / Paddle Stirrer
    Black Cherry - Luster Epoxy Pigment Paste
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    Synthetic Paper Pad - Matt Black
    Premo Sculpey Clay - 57g - Black
    Premo Sculpey Clay - 57g - Blackberry Pearl Limited Edition
    Premo Sculpey Clay - 227g - Black

    Black Epoxy Resin Art

    Step into the realm of mystery and allure with black epoxy resin. As you embark on this transformative journey, darkness intertwines seamlessly with beauty, creating a mesmerising finish that is both enigmatic and captivating. With the aid of black pigments specially crafted for resin art, your project morphs effortlessly into a masterpiece drenched in ebony elegance. Imagine crafting a stunning black resin table that exudes an aura of sophistication and intrigue, beckoning all who lay eyes upon it to delve deeper into its depths. Every stroke of resin black paints brings forth an ethereal enchantment as if the very essence of night has been captured within each layer. The meticulous application allows for intricate details to emerge from the shadows, as light dances off the glossy surface of your creation like stars flickering amidst obsidian skies. Delve even further into this supernatural world by utilising black resin filler to add depth and dimension, ensuring every inch oozes with dark charm. Let yourself be guided by this mystical force as it whispers secrets only revealed through skilful manipulation of how to colour epoxy black; unlocking its true potential in your hands.


    Create A Black Resin Table

    When it comes to creating a mesmerising masterpiece, Just Resin art supplies offer an exceptional solution with their exquisite black epoxy resin. With the help of JR pigments, you can effortlessly transform your project into a captivating black resin table that truly stands out. The allure of this deep space-like finish is unparalleled; one cannot resist getting lost in its enchanting depths when gazing upon it. To achieve an overall complete look, consider filling any voids or cracks with the striking black resin filler mixture. By following these expert techniques on how to colour epoxy black, you will undoubtedly create a stunning piece that exudes sophistication and elegance.


    How To Colour Epoxy Black

    Discover the captivating allure of black epoxy resin and achieve a flawlessly fine finish for your resin art. Prepare to be captivated by its transformative power. To infuse your epoxy resin with the rich hue of black, follow these steps carefully. 

    Begin by using high-quality Just Resin black pigment paste specifically designed for colouring epoxy resins. This ensures optimal colour saturation and depth when mixed with your resin base. With safety precautions in mind, don protective gloves, goggles, and a well-ventilated workspace before proceeding. 

    Measure out the desired amount of resin according to your project's requirements into a clean mixing container or cup designated solely for this purpose to avoid any contamination from previous colours or substances. 

    Gradually add small amounts of black pigment paste to the measured-out epoxy resin while vigorously stirring with a wooden stir stick or silicone spatula until thoroughly blended. Remember, less is more; start with smaller increments of pigment as you can always add more later if needed, but it's much harder to lighten over darkened mixtures without compromising their integrity entirely. 

    Keep stirring gently yet continuously until achieving an even distribution of colour throughout the mixture – ensure no streaks or clumps remain visible as they may affect the final outcome negatively once cured. Take great care not to overmix as excessive blending can introduce unwanted air bubbles into your mixture which will mar its smoothness when poured onto your chosen canvas or mould surface. 

    Once satisfied with the black resin colour and consistency of your mixture, it's time to pour! Take a deep breath, steady your hand, and slowly drizzle or pour the mixture onto your surface of choice. Be mindful not to create too much turbulence when pouring as this can also introduce air bubbles. Gently tap the sides of your mould or canvas to release any trapped air bubbles and use a toothpick or skewer to guide and spread the mixture evenly if needed. And most importantly, have fun with your creation – embrace imperfections and enjoy the unique results that come from experimentation and playfulness in resin art.